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20 million Commemoration Dinner - 1935

To celebrate the fact that the Bank's total Deposits had passed the 20 million level, a Commemoration Dinner was held on December 14th 1935, in the Assembly Room of the recently opened Broad Street Head Office. The view is towards the northeast corner of the room, where a portrait of the then General Manager (J P Hilton) is hanging. Portraits of subsequent General Managers were also hung on this wall.


The figure of 20 million was reached during the Financial Year 1935/36 as the Year-end Balances were:


                                                                   - March 31st 1935: 18,925,999

                                                                                                                       - March 31st 1936: 21,230,935 

The Bank's next milestone (30 million of deposits) was reached on July 3rd 1939. The Bank's Committee of Management agreed to hold a Commemorative Dinner 'at the end of September or the beginning of October'. It appears that Thursday, October 5th was subsequently chosen as the date for the event, as illustrated by amendments made to a copy of the 1935 menu, prior to an order being placed with the printers.
No record exists of such an event taking place - presumably it was cancelled due to the commencement of the War.