Premises - Quinton
The following Minutes have been extracted from the records
of the Bank's General Committee and its Sub-Committees.
The Minutes cover the period from January 1922 to October 1937.
From February 1922 to September 1937 temporary facilities were used to operate a part-time branch - initially a room at a school, then a shop previously used as a Post Office were utilised. This period of over fifteen years was the longest in which the Bank housed a branch in temporary accommodation. Investigations were made for more suitable premises, including the purchase of the old Post Office and the adjoining building, but it was not until 1936 that some 750 square yards of land at the corner of Hagley Road West and College Road were purchased for 900 plus costs. A purpose built branch with flat over and adjoining lock-up shop were erected on the site, and the branch opened on September 20th 1937.

General Purposes Sub-Committee: January 9th 1922


The following report of the Manager was presented:


New Branch at Quinton.


The Manager has entered into provisional arrangements for the opening of a Branch at Quinton on the first Monday evening in February, between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30. The Branch will be held in the Church of England Schools, for the use of which a nominal payment of 2/6 a week will be made. Mr J H Hart, a Harborne gentleman well-known to the Chairman of the Bank Committee, who is prepared to act as Clerk in Charge of this Branch on the usual terms of remuneration, and a youth named C C Cadby will act as Assistant. The Manager asks the Committee to approve of his action.


19        RESOLVED:- That the General Committee be recommended to approve the opening of a branch at Quinton on the lines indicated in the foregoing report.


Report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee: January 16th 1922:


New Branch at Quinton.


Your Sub-Committee have approved the opening of an evening branch at the Quinton Church Schools on Monday evenings from 7.30 to 8.30. There will be a nominal charge of 2/6d per week for the use of the room and the services of the caretaker, and the Manager, in conjunction with the Chairman of the Bank Committee, (Mr Councillor Appleby) has arranged with Mr J H Hart of Harborne to act as Clerk-in-charge, and Mr C C Cadby Junior of Harborne to act as Assistant, on the usual terms of remuneration laid down by the Committee.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: May 12th 1924


The General Manager called attention to the unsatisfactory arrangements prevailing at Bartley Green and Quinton Branches owing to it being impossible to send out members of the permanent staff on the evenings of opening. He recommended that in these cases the opening should be on Friday night instead of Saturday or Monday and it would then be possible to arrange for a permanent Bank officer to be sent to each Branch.


539     RESOLVED:- That the General Manager be authorised to alter the days of opening at Bartley Green and Quinton Branches accordingly.


Bank Committee: May 19th 1924


1756 The following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Opening of Evening Branches.


The question has been raised as to whether it would be desirable to alter the openings of the Evening Branches from the existing days to Fridays. The General Manager has submitted statistics which show that in regard to the majority of the Evening Branches it would be undesirable to alter the existing days.


With regard to the Bartley Green and Quinton Branches, however, it is desirable that at least one member of the permanent staff should be present when these Branches are open. As the transactions are so few it is immaterial from a business point of view whether such Branches are open on Fridays or Mondays but with a Friday opening a member of the permanent staff could attend.


Your Sub-Committee therefore recommend that in these two cases the opening should be altered from Monday to Friday.


1759   RESOLVED:- That the Bartley Green and Quinton Branches be opened on Fridays in each week instead of Mondays as heretofore.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 12th 1925


The General Manager presented the following report as to improved accommodation of the Quinton Branch:


Quinton Branch.


An opportunity has arisen of renting the shop portion of the premises which have for some time been used as a Post Office, on the main road.


This is an infinitely better arrangement than continuing work of this Evening Branch in the local school, and on the instructions of the Committee I have arranged for the tenancy to be effected at a rental of 10/- per week inclusive, to take effect as soon as the Post Office people remove, from which date the present tenancy with the School Authority will cease.


800    RESOLVED:- That the arrangement referred to be approved, and that the General Committee be recommended to instruct the Town Clerk to enter into an agreement, if necessary, in the matter.


Bank Committee: October 19th 1925


2152 The following report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee was presented:


Quinton Branch


It has been possible to arrange for the tenancy by the Bank of the shopping portion of the premises in Hagley Road, Quinton, (formerly used as a Post Office) at an inclusive rental of 10/-per week. This accommodation will be more suited and more prominent than the room in the local school at present utilised. Arrangements have been made for the tenancy to take effect as soon as possible and the present tenancy with the School Authority will thereupon cease.


Your Sub-Committee recommend that the Town Clerk be instructed to enter into an agreement in the matter, should he consider it necessary.


2155   RESOLVED:- That the renting of premises in Hagley Road, Quinton, at 10/- per week be approved, and that the Town Clerk be instructed to enter into a tenancy agreement if necessary.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 10th 1927


The General Manager submitted the following report with reference to the times of opening at the Quinton Branch:




This Branch is open every Friday evening from 7 to 8 o'clock, and difficulty is being experienced in dealing with the transactions in this limited time.


During the year ended September 30th 1927 the transactions have been as follows:










Dust Bins








Eliminating Good Friday, the average works out at 43 transactions per evening, but this average has been higher of late. On August 26th, for instance, there were 72 transactions. The district is developing, although most of it on the side of the road which is outside the City area.


It would appear desirable to provide extended facilities, either by increasing the hours on the Friday evening or altering the openings to Saturday and Monday evenings from 6 to 8, which policy has been usually adopted elsewhere. It scarcely seems worth while adding another hour on Friday with the possibility of later having to open on Saturdays and Mondays.


There is also the question of requiring the staff to work an additional evening per week, which I do not consider is reasonable.


I suggest, therefore, that commencing with November the Quinton Branch be opened from 6 to 8 on Saturdays and Mondays, and the Friday opening be dropped.


1174   RESOLVED:- That the foregoing report be approved and that the General Committee be recommended accordingly.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 11th 1929


1358  The General Manager reported that the City Surveyor wished to know whether the Bank Committee desired to reserve a site on the Tennal Hall Estate. After consideration, the Sub-Committee decided that the site would not be suitable for bank purposes.


Report on Evening Branches: October 29th 1929


Quinton Branch.


Opened 6th February 1922.


Year ended

31st March

No of




. s.  d.

No of


dealt with



200.  15. 11.




1,766.    5.   5.




3,009. 16.   6.




4,278.  18. 10.




6,726.  13.  4.




11,624.   7.  7.




16,576.  2.  4.




21,926.  5. 11.



This branch developed very slowly during the first few years, due to its being held in the local schoolroom. An improvement was noticed when premises were rented on the main road, and the business transferred thereto (October 1927). It is evident, from the small number of depositors, that they are substantial contributors. The difficulty faced at this branch is that one side of road is in Birmingham, and the other in Oldbury, thus limiting assistance in House Purchase. If the Bill now before Parliament becomes law, it will be possible to extend our activities, and as most of the housing development has been on the Oldbury side, I am of opinion that the Quinton Branch would develop still more rapidly. We could not, however, deal with any appreciable increase of business in the very small front room of the house we are now using. It would mean securing a site, and building premises, or securing premises and reconstructing same.


Special Bank Committee: November 25th 1929


Report of the General Purposes Sub-Committee:


Evening Branches.


(2) That having regard to the limited accommodation for the Quinton Branch, and to the development which has taken place in respect of this branch, enquiries should be made with a view to securing a suitable site which would admit of better provision being made in this area.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: October 13th 1930


On Minute No 1456 (Proposed new site for Quinton Branch) the General Manager referred to a letter received from Mr Wilde as to an estate in Hagley Road West in course of development.


1581   RESOLVED:- That the Chairman of the General Committee and the General Manager be requested to inspect the site referred to in company with Mr Wilde and to report their recommendations.




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