Building Plans - Sherlock Street Branch
Date Plans passed: February 3rd 1928
Architect: City Surveyor
Builder: Francis H Smith
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Sherlock Street
The Block Plan shows the location of the 'Widening Line' specified by the City Council for a future road improvement scheme. Although such an improvement scheme had no impending date, the City Surveyor recommended that the front section of the branch be constructed to a temporary design. Consequently, the portion of the branch in front of the 'Widening Line' was designed to be built as one storey only.
The 1929 photograph shows (more clearly that the drawing) that the front of the branch is a one-storey structure.
The Ground Floor plan has the customers' space on the right, with the counter running front to back. A large open space is left for future use, and the strongroom and staff facilities are placed at the rear. The flat roof over the single-storey has skylights for the branch and appears to have similar features over a passage that leads to the residential accommodation on the first and second floors.
The Section plan (below) has Sherlock Street on the left with the outline of an adjacent building behind the single-storey section of the branch