Building Plans - Hall Green Branch
Date Plans passed: March 18th 1927
Architect: City Surveyor
Builder: F H Smith
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Hall Green
Birmingham was the first city in England to put into execution a town planning scheme. This 1913 scheme, covering 2,320 acres in Quinton, Harborne, and Edgbaston, covered the South West of the city, but was held up by the First World War. The South Birmingham Town Planning Scheme was approved in 1925 - it covered 8,267-acres and was the fourth of the city's schemes. The Bank's plans to build a branch for the residents of Hall Green was subject to this scheme and its requirements to there being no objections to its erection within an area restricted to dwelling houses only. Two letters written by the City Engineer & Surveyor relate to the procedure followed to ensure there were no objections:
The Block Plan shows the branch's location in relation to Highfield Road and Fox Hollies Road. The Plan is annotated S.B.T.P for South Birmingham Town Plan. Stratford Road is marked as the link between Birmingham ("from City") and Solihull ("to Shirley")
The completed branch shows some design variations to some of the upper windows.
The customer door is on the left (marked "Entrance" on the plan, but not put into affect) and access to the flat is on the right
The Ground Floor Plan incorporates a number of features common to most branches
including terrazzo flooring on the customer side of the counter and wood blocks on the staff side of the counter.
The First Floor Plan (below) gives the layout for a three-bedroom flat
The flat has access to a garden at the rear by way of an external stair