Building Plans - 
Farcroft Branch
Date Plans passed: April 22nd 1927
Architect: City Surveyor
Builder: George Mobbs
Index of Plans
The Block Plan shows the location of Farcroft branch in relation to the main road from Birmingham to West Bromwich - Oxhill Road (to the north) is to the left of the plan
The plans submitted for planning permission show that the two bay windows and the porch at 206 Rookery Road are to be removed, resulting in the new frontage being further behind the road widening line marked on the Block Plan. The front elevation plan does not feature the matching gable that was actually constructed, although it appears in Section and Rear Elevation Plans reproduced below
The premises before and after the reconstruction
Access to the flat is shown on the Ground Floor Plan by a passage alongside the left-hand side of the building - the stairs from a small hall/WC area ascend above the branch's strongroom. Staff access to the rear of the counter is via a 'flap' section of the counter immediately behind the entrance vestibule. Unusually in branch designs, there is a rear door (marked "IRON DOOR") off the staff messroom.
The layout of the two-bedroom flat is shown below, alongside plans for the Roof and Foundations
This Section Plan shows the internal staircase that gives access to the flat above the branch