Building Plans - Moseley Branch
Date Plans passed: February 18th 1927
Architect: City Surveyor
Builder: George Mobbs
Index of Plans
The location of Moseley branch is indicated by pink colouring towards the right edge of the Block Plan. The Alcester Road (A435) is shown passing through Moseley Village from left to right, but actually runs from north to south, towards Kings Heath.
The 1927 planning application relates to 176 Alcester Road - the branch being extended to the left in 1929. Access to the attached living accommodation appears to be from the rear, indicated by light blue colouring. The frontage to Alcester Road measures a narrow 17' 3", requiring the architect to provide a  passage, that bypasses the strongroom and  the entry lobby for the flat, to provide access to the staff facilities.
The architect's drawing of the Front Elevation is annotated to indicate that the fascia will use Hollington stone and that the door is to be made of 2" mahogany.
The Section drawing on Line A, B, shows the entrance to the living accommodation.
The Section drawing on Line C, D, shows the flat's kitchen above the branch messroom.
Two additional bedrooms are located on the Second Floor.
The architect has specified that the building's existing cellars are to be filled up.