Building Plans - Spring Hill Branch
Date Plans passed: November 28th 1924 (?)
Architect: Gerald McMichael
Builder: W Sapcote & Sons
Index of Plans
Spring Hill
A letter from the City Engineer & Surveyor informed the Bank's General Manager that (subject to conditions regarding the building line) the building application has been agreed. The Block Plan has been annotated with the City's proposed 'Widening Line'. The branch premises remained on the existing building line until the 1960s.
The Block Plan shows the Hall at the rear of the branch (a former chapel) that the Bank acquired when purchasing this property.
The Ground Floor Plan shows the layout of the narrow building (34'  by 17' 4")  constructed at 34 Spring Hill. The lack of windows to the sides of the Banking Hall appears to be partly offset by a circular skylight near the entrance to the staff messroom. A sectional drawing shows that the Banking Hall had a height of 14 feet. There was also additional natural lighting supplied by a window at a high level in the wall at the rear, the rooms in the  rear portion of the building having a lower ceiling.