Building Plans - Saltley Branch
Date Plans passed: August 22nd 1924
Architect: Gerald McMichael
Builder: E M Squire
Index of Plans
The two shops at 154 and 156 Alum Rock Road are shown on the Block Plan between the two narrow passages that flank the building. The planning office has marked (in green ink) the prescribed building line. In 1928, the 'forecourt' between the Bank's property and the building line was measured as 18-square yards
The plan shows a substantial area allocated to the Banking Hall. The Staff Messroom is at a higher level and has a bay window. The doors to the Messroom and the Strongroom can be seen in a 1925 interior photograph (below). Part of the property at the rear provides some facilities for the tenant's accommodation
The flat above the branch has been provided with three bedrooms. The two rooms facing Alum Rock Road have each been provided with a second window

In 1932, W Norman Twist, Architect, prepared a plan for enlarging the premises so as to provide a larger public space and increased counter and strong room accommodation.


The alterations gave a counter run of 35-feet, with a 19-foot private office, and an enlarged Strongroom. The public space in front of the counter was increased to 10-feet deep.