Building Plans - Hay Mills Branch
Date Plans passed: June 27th 1924
Architect: Gerald McMichael
Builder: E J Briley
Index of Plans
Hay Mills
The planning application for Hay Mills branch included two Block Plans showing the location of the two shops and their attached dwelling accommodation on the north side of the Coventry Road. The comments of the planning officers (see below) reflect their concerns regarding the widening of this important highway and the branch's position in relation to the building line
The Ground Floor Plan shows how both shop units have been utilised for the Banking Hall, with windows to both the front and rear. A beam from front to rear (presumably where the wall separating the two shops is to be removed) is marked with two supporting stanchions. At the rear, staff facilities are provided on the right, and entry to the accommodation above the branch is on the left. The 1925 interior photograph (below) shows the rear windows plus the beams with a stanchion
The First Floor Plan outlines the location of rooms in the flat over the branch - a corridor across the two former shops separates rooms at the front from those at the rear