Building Plans - Handsworth Branch
Date Plans passed: May 4th 1923
Architect: Gerald McMichael
Builder: T Elvins & Sons
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Handsworth was the first 'purpose-built' branch, in contrast to the fact that almost all previous permanent  branches resulted from the refurbishment of former shop units. A vacant plot at the corner of Soho Road and Grove Lane was developed jointly with the Public Works and Planning Committee, the latter being desirous of widening the road junction. The Site Plan shows the tram tracks at the junction.
The Ground Floor Plan shows a layout with ample room for both depositors and staff. There are two customer entrances, the main one being across the corner with a secondary door from Grove Lane. Another door in Grove Lane is marked 'Entrance to House' ie, the flat over the branch.
The flat above the branch has provision for three bathrooms. Across a central passage from the Dining and Sitting Rooms is an outside area created from a flat roof over the branch.
Three views of the branch in 1924:
(above left): the exterior photograph shows Grove Lane on the left;
(above right): the interior photograph is taken from the area of the secondary customer entrance;
(below): the interior viewed from the main entrance