Building Plans - Rotton Park Branch
Date Plans passed: December 8th 1922
Architect: Gerald McMichael
Builder: W Sapcote & Sons
Index of Plans
Rotton Park
The three properties (159, 157 & 155 Dudley Road) purchased by the Bank are to the right of a passage marked 'X'. Only the shop units at 157 and 155 are available for use for the branch, but the planning application also includes alterations to the dwelling accommodation at the rear (marked in red)
Passages each side of the branch give access to the two residences at the rear
The passages to the rear are accessed by separate doors. The third shop owned by the Bank is still occupied by a Milliners.
In the interior photograph, the Strongroom door is visible on the left
The First Floor plan outlines how the two flats are laid out.
The branch was extended in 1928 to include the rear premises on the ground floor.