Building Plans - Sparkbrook Branch
Date Plans passed: December 3rd 1920
Architect: Gerald McMichael
Builder: Frederick J Briley
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Sparkbrook Branch commenced business on September 1st 1919 in a former butcher's premises at 163 Stratford Road - the left hand unit (next to a passage), of the two units coloured red on this Block Plan. The plan for expansion into the adjoining shop at 161 Stratford Road followed the Bank's purchase of the freehold of both properties in 1920. Tenants occupied the dwelling accommodation to the rear of the former shop units. Following the reconstruction work, the Bank's first permanent branch was officially opened on July 25th 1921.
(left) temporary premises at 163 Stratford Road;
(right) refurbished premises showing the two doors that gave access to the customers' area of the branch,
as shown in the plan below
The Ground Floor Plan (above) shows that the branch utilised two small spaces for customers and staff divided by a counter running parallel to the Stratford Road. Both external doors had a small vestibule. Behind 163, a Strongroom and a Staff Messroom have been incorporated into the refurbishment. A private office (for opening new accounts, etc) was provided in the front left corner of the branch that was illuminated by the narrow window shown in the above photograph. This office would also have been the route for staff entering the branch, the front and top of the counter being hinged for this purpose - the latter section was known to the staff as "the flap"
(above) the counter, the parallel ledger desks, and (in the left background), the office door.
(left) Elevation showing the added stone frontage
Early in 1926, the branch was enlarged by taking in a portion of the dwelling accommodation of both houses at the rear. The builder was again F J Briley