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Second World War Events

These five photographs record some of the activities that the Bank was involved in as part of Birmingham's support for the war effort


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                                                                                                             Salute the Soldier Week


                                                                                                             War Savings Campaigns

During the Birmingham War Weapons Week, October 14th to 20th 1940, the Lord Mayor purchases the first Savings Certificates from members of the Bank's staff
Sir Ernest Canning (Chairman of the Birmingham Savings Committee), the Bank's Chairman (Alderman Morland), and the Bank's General Manager (J P Hilton) adjust the 'Thermometer' that records the BMB's War Effort (May 6th 1941)
Four members of the BMB's staff count the contents of the street collecting boxes used in Birmingham's Warship Week - October 18th to 26th 1941.

The lady in the centre is Win Fellows; the photograph was taken on October 21st 1941

J P Hilton at the opening of a Works Branch of the Bank:

Bakelite Ltd, 1943

'Wings for Victory' Week:
June 26th to July 3rd 1943


An audience gathers for a ceremony to be held in Broad Street, in front of the Bank's Head Office - the aircraft display being attached to the facade of the Head Office frontage.

Smethwick branch moved to its permanent premises on October 23rd 1940. This photograph of the branch was taken near that date, and shows the new building being utilised to advertise
Smethwick's forthcoming War Weapons Week
'Wings For Victory' was a fund raising scheme to encourage civilians to purchase Government securities, such as War Bonds, Savings Bonds, Defence Bonds and Savings Certificates. The securities could be bought at Post Offices and Banks. The savings campaign was organised so as to coincide with a week of parades and exhibitions etc
The 'Wings for Victory' Week was themed around raising funds to purchase more bombers for the nation to take the fight to the enemy homeland.