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The Bank's Football Club came into being in 1962. As reported by Michael Bourke in the Spring 1962 edition of the staff magazine CONTACT, the formation of a team was suggested at an AGM of the Staff Association:




At the Annual General Meeting of the Staff Association, the formation of a Bank Football Team was suggested. Response has been good and a number of people have said that they would be interested in playing.


If any other budding 'Di Stefano's' would like to play Soccer for the Bank next season, will they please notify Mr Geoff Butler at Hall Green Branch or contact me at Sparkhill Branch.


M Bourke


The Secretary of the Staff Association (John Cox) then issued a circular to members of the staff (right) advising that a meeting for the purpose of forming a Football Club would be held on June 7th.



The Summer 1962 edition of CONTACT contained the following article, which raised a challenge to the newly formed club to play a match against the Bank's cricket team. The article also reported the names of the officers elected at the June 7th meeting as:

Chairman - Dick Atkins

Secretary - Michael Bourke

Treasurer - Les  Webber



Extract from Blue Mail Stop Press Column - 31st March 1962


B'HAM AFA:  Birmingham Municipal Bank  4  -  Handsworth Wood   3


First blood to the bank and not a shot fired at goal! Who was in the "ghost" team that overcame all the trials of the balance and managed to defeat the Handsworth team? It was rumoured that in order to arrange a team, dummies were substituted for live staff at some branches. This can now be emphatically denied as those concerned say they always look like that at work.


Since the question of forming a Bank football club was raised, a matter of great controversy has come to light. Can eleven good old 'uns beat eleven young 'uns? As the question can only be answered by mortal combat it is hoped to settle the matter by a match after the end of the cricket season. The result should be interesting, for as one of the Old Brigade put it "Honour is at Stake".


Should the formation of a Bank Football Club be successful it would be very encouraging if members of the staff would be willing to support the team. Nothing can give a team more heart than the presence of somebody on the touchline informing the world in general just what should be done. So polish up the rattles and start spraying your throats, because the season is only a month or so away.



(Ed. - At a Meeting held in Head Office on Thursday, 7th June, the football club was formed. The following officers were elected:-

                       Chairman:-                Mr R Atkins

                       Secretary:-                 Mr M Bourke

                       Treasurer:-                 Mr L Webber


If the enthusiasm of those present is a guide to the future of the Club, a successful season should be ahead of them. Matches are expected to be played on Sundays, all those who will be available and wish to "sign on", players or supporters, please contact the Secretary at Sparkhill Branch.)


A photograph of the Bank's team in their first season (1962/63) is reproduced at Image-026


Details of the Club's officials, fixtures, players, and results etc were included in the staff magazine and in circulars to members of staff, and some of these are reproduced on this website as listed below. The Club achieved major success in seasons 1971/72 and 1972/73 when it won a TSB Cup.

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