Lunch in Head Office - circa 1975
Exact date for this photograph taken in the Assembly Room is not known,
but it must have been a Thursday
- the day when roast beef and Yorkshire pudding was on the menu!
Standing in the doorway is Alban Clemons who was the Bank's Development & Marketing Officer at this date - it is believed that the photograph was taken when Alban was overseeing a planned refurbishment of the Assembly Room.
Sitting on the row of four tables:
 - far table: Roger Parker and Beryl Hirons;
 - second table: unknown;
 - third table: staff who worked in Current Accounts Department, including Doreen Bowler;
 - nearest table (left to right): Mary Taylor; Veronica Sangster; Judith Barker (all Current Accounts Department)
Second row:
 - far table (left to right): Gill Price (Accounts Department); Paula Gordon (Secretarial); Christine ? (House Purchase Department?); Pat Mills (Accounts Department); Pam White (House Purchase Department);
 - nearer table: Mary Watson (Accounts Department);
Far row: John Hemming (Accounts Department)
(photograph supplied by Roger Parker)
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