Birmingham in 1935
The website of the British Film Institute includes a 20-minute film entitled 'Birmingham Film 1935'. This film is introduced on the BFI website as follows:
Not focussing on the usual local landmarks, film maker John Harris takes us on an alternative tour of mid-1930s Birmingham. Initially focussing on facilities for the older residents of the city (including Sir Austen Chamberlain MP touring one such 'Sons of Rest') we pass through modern civic buildings (including the imposing Municipal Bank), enjoy idyllic views of Cannon Hill Park before ending with enough performing animals for the most avid Britain's Got Talent fan.
The film includes clips of the Bank's Broad Street Head Office taken shortly after its opening in 1933. These clips, showing both exterior shots of the building and activity in the Banking Hall, occur at about 6 minutes, 45 seconds of the film. The existence of the film was advised to this website by Mark Wilson and is linked below by kind permission of the British Film Institute:
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