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Edmund Street to Broad Street:
'The Midnight Flit'
Under the personal supervision of J P Hilton, every male member of staff of the age of 21 or over assisted in the transport of the Bank's records from Edmund Street and Easy Row to the new Head Offices in Broad Street. The work began at 11pm, finished at 6:30am, and the staff were on duty as usual when the Bank opened for business. The report and photograph (in Edmund Street) reproduced below appeared in a local newspaper on November 28th 1933

When Prince George opened the Bank yesterday it did not contain a single paper relating to its huge transactions; but everything was there this morning, in readiness for being neatly pigeon-holed in its own place.

The midnight ‘flit’ from the old premises in Edmund-street was carried out by a small army of over 100 male bank workers, drawn from all the Municipal banks in the city, working under the protection of the police.

Hundreds of brown-paper parcels and boxes containing the title deeds of thousands of houses which are being purchased through the bank; many hundredweights of records; and stacks of ledgers were loaded into lorries and driven across to the new strong-room.

What amount of cash was taken is a closely-guarded secret.