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The Bank's Chairmen
During its existence from 1919 to 1979, the Bank had eighteen Chairmen,
some of whom served for more than one term.
Fifteen of those Chairmen are pictured below,
most performing duties at Bank functions
R R Gelling (left) was Chairman from
1932 to 1935;
here he is receiving the key to Aston Cross branch on April 18th 1923

A H Cooper (right) was Chairman on three separate occasions:
1935; 1951; 1954 to 1956
 In this photograph he is opening
Longbridge branch, September 7th 1935
The Bank's first Chairman was
C T Appleby, 1919 - 1926
shown here at the opening of
Kings Heath branch
April 24th 1922
The second Chairman was
Sir Percival Bower, 1926 - 1932
seen at the opening of
Saltley branch
May 16th 1925
Harrison Barrow (left) was the Bank's fifth Chairman:
1936 to 1941 and 1946 to 1948.
On this occasion he is at the opening of Quinton branch on
September 20th 1937

The Bank's sixth Chairman was O Morland (see World War II events), who served from 1941 to 1944.
He was followed by George H W Griffith (right) 1944 to 1946 plus 1966. Here, he is shown at the opening of Great Barr branch, April 25th 1958

G P Achurch (Chairman number 8: 1948 to 1951) is not pictured
Joseph R Balmer
(ninth Chairman - left),
1952 to 1954,
is seen at the opening of Kitts Green branch on July 23rd 1965

I L Morgan, 1956 to 1959 (right)
was the Bank's tenth Chairman.
This photograph shows him participating in an event to mark the commenecement of the No 2 Department: April 1st 1957
Seymour Brown (left)
was the eleventh person to serve as Chairman. He held office from 1959 to 1962, and is shown at the opening of Tower Hill branch - April 28th 1961

Seymour Brown was followed by Mrs E A Wills (not pictured), who was succeeded by Mrs E L Hobson (right) - Chairman from 1963 to 1966.
Mrs Hobson is shown at the opening of Duddeston branch on July 26th 1963
Denis Martineau (left) was Chairman for two periods: 1967 to 1970 and 1978 to 1979;
he is pictured speaking at one of the dinners held in Broad Street's Assembly Room to celebrate the Bank's Golden Jubilee - September 3rd 1969

The Bank's fifteenth Chairman was
David Rowe-Ham (right);
he is shown at the opening of Chelmsley Wood branch, January 27th 1972
Sixteenth Chairman (left)
Mrs Marjorie A Brown
(1970 to 1972)
The Seventeenth Chairman
Hugh McCallion
(1973 to 1975)
The last Chairman of BMB
and the first Chairman of BMTSB (below)
Norman Hargreaves
(1975 to 1976)