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Staff Dinners - 1925, 1930, 1936, 1938 and 1939

For many years, the Bank held an Annual Staff Dinner - many reminiscenses of the staff of this period,


      prior to the Second World War, comment on the expectation of the management for them to attend 

January 1925:

the venue appears to be a hired room.

The Bank's Assistant General Manager

(Frank Ellison) is sitting at bottom right of the photograph

January 23rd 1930

(Ninth Annual Staff Dinner)

Menu Card (below)

February 8th 1936:

a large attendance in the Assembly Room at the Broad Street Head Office. The view is towards the southeast corner of the room - on the far wall (each side of the double doors) are the boards listing the members of staff who have been successful in professional examinations.

Fourth from the left, at the table
nearest the camera, is Eric Howlett -
the Bank's future Chief Accountant

The 1938 Annual Dinner

(Thursday, February 3rd):

On the second table from the camera, at the right-hand end, far side, is Fred Parsonage - the Bank's future Deputy General Manager

(Birminghan Gazette: February 4th 1938)




The 1939 Annual Dinner

(Wednesday, January 18th)