Premises - Solihull

Bank Committee: January 15th 1934


The General Manager submitted the following report as to negotiations for the renting of premises No 22 High Street, Solihull, for use as a Branch Bank.


Report of General Manager regarding a Branch Bank at Solihull.


Negotiations have taken place with Mr Coxhill for the lease of a portion of his shop premises at 22 High Street, Solihull, for the purpose of a Branch Bank. The agreed terms provide that a rent of 50 per annum should be paid for such accommodation, Mr Coxhill being responsible for Rates to the extent of his present assessment, but if the assessment should be increased it is understood that any excess in Rates directly due to the Bank's occupation of a portion of the premises, will be paid by the Bank.


The lease between Mr Coxhill and the Solihull United Charities is for a term of 14 years from the 29th September 1930, and Mr Coxhill would require the lease with the Bank to run for the same period. The lessors are responsible for the upkeep of the roof, walls and main drains.


To make the premises suitable for the Bank, certain alterations will be required to the portion which Mr Coxhill will retain for himself, estimated to cost 50, which he would meet. The Bank would have to build up two openings between the premises, and make good on Mr Coxhill's side of the partitions.


The room available for use by the Bank has a frontage of 13ft. 11ins and a depth of 15ft. 8ins. There is a small scullery at the rear in which could be constructed the necessary domestic accommodation for the Staff. There is a room on the first floor with an attic over, but these would be useless, the steps to same having been removed. To replace such steps might cause inconvenience in the matter of access to the scullery. The letting value of these two rooms would not compensate for the expense of constructing a staircase.


Some alteration to the front of the premises will be necessary, such as replacing one of the existing windows with a door and leaded glass panel, and replacing another window with a leaded light. Mr Coxhill was only given permission to provide a shop front on the understanding that he would not duly interfere with the character of the main street, but the Trustees of the Charity may not be quite so particular on this point at the present time owing to the modern development on the opposite side of the street by the creation of a Woolworth Stores.


The Secretary of the Solihull United Charities has promised to bring the matter before his Trustees with a view to sanction being given to the combined occupation of the premises by Mr Coxhill and the Bank, and I have asked the Clerk to the Council to assist in an early decision being obtained.


Messrs Wallace, Robinson and Morgan (Solicitors) have received instructions from Mr Coxhill to proceed with the lease on hearing that the Solihull United Charities raise no objections, and I ask for the approval of the Committee to the proposed lease being entered into and the necessary alterations carried out to enable the Branch to be opened.


The question was considered of the desirability of taking premises for the whole of the unexpired period of the lease between Mr Coxhill and the Solihull United Charities without some provision being made, either for the Bank to sub-let if they so desire, or to be released from the Agreement on payment of a reasonable sum as compensation, in the event of vacating the premises before the lease expires.


5029   RESOLVED:- That the question be referred to the Chairman and Councillor Yates with the Town Clerk and General Manager, to take any necessary steps to safeguard the Bank's interests in the matter, and that subject thereto, the terms arranged for the lease of the premises at a rental of 50 per annum as indicated in the foregoing report be confirmed and the Town Clerk be authorised to prepare any necessary document, affixing the Corporate Seal thereto.


General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 13th 1934


Proposed Branch No 22 High Street, Solihull.


Your Sub-Committee report that arrangements have been made to carry out certain alterations to these premises and that the approval of the Lessee and the Freeholders has been obtained thereto. It is hoped to be able to open the branch in about a month's time.


Bank Committee: March 19th 1934


On Minute No 5029, the Committee were informed that the lease of No 22, High Street, Solihull, had now been settled, and it was:


5075   RESOLVED:- That Minute No 5029 be discharged.


Report of the Town Clerk: April 25th 1934


Minute No 5022


I have to report that in accordance with the above Minute I have completed a lease from Messrs Coxhill & Sons Ltd of premises at High Street, Solihull, the lease being for fourteen years from the 29th September 1930 (except the last three days thereof) determinable on the expiration of the first seven years if desirable, at the yearly rent of 50.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: December 21st 1936


Premises for Permanent Branch at Solihull.


Inspection has been made of certain properties at Solihull with a view to securing suitable accommodation for a Permanent Branch. There is a great demand for premises in this neighbourhood and the prices asked are in consequence rather high. The most suitable property available is a dwellinghouse with land in Poplar Road, Solihull, which is placed on offer at 3,000. Mr Wilde, who has reported thereon is of opinion that it will be necessary to offer 2,500 to secure the same. The situation is a good one for Bank purposes, and would lend itself to the building of a one-storey Bank in front of the house, part of which could be adapted for Strong Room and Mess Room purposes.


Your Sub-Committee are of opinion that, providing the General Manager is satisfied that a one-storey building and the adaption as suggested will meet the requirements of the Bank, Mr Wilde should be authorised to negotiate for the purchase of the property at a price not exceeding 2,500.


Report to the City Council: February 2nd 1937




In accordance with the arrangement made between the Bank and the Solihull Urban District Council, a Branch Bank was opened in rented premises at No 20a, High Street, Solihull, on the 28th April, 1934. It was realised at the time that the limited accommodation provided could only be regarded as temporary, and that when a favourable opportunity presented itself other arrangements would have to be made.


Such an opportunity has now arisen in respect of a vacant house on land next to the Gospel Hall in Poplar Road, Solihull, and negotiations have taken place with a view to the purchase of this property, which has a total area of 609 square yards. The premises consist of a large, semi-detached dwelling-house, with a frontage of 36ft. The house stands back from the building line prescribed for new shops in Poplar Road to the extent of 27ft. 9ins., and this fact has influenced your Committee in deciding to acquire the property. By erecting a one-storey building in front of the existing house, and a small reconstruction of part of the present building, the requirement of the Bank could be met, the remainder of the house to be available as a residence. The Solihull Council have agreed to the proposed erection being in line with the shops referred to above.


The property, and the purchase price has been agreed at 2,500.


The approval of the Council is sought to the purchase of the property at the price mentioned, which would be met out of the funds of the Bank.


It was moved by Mr Alderman Barrow, seconded, and Resolved:

33,161. That the proposal of the Bank Committee to purchase property in Poplar Road, Solihull, for the purposes of a Branch Bank, as set out in the foregoing report, at the price of 2,500, be approved.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 15th 1937


Mr J B Surman (Architect) has been invited to prepare plans for the adaption of the property acquired in Poplar Road, Solihull for the purposes of a Branch Bank.


Report of the Town Clerk: April 27th 1937


Minute No 5851


I have to report that in accordance with the above Minute I have completed the purchase from Mr G K Brown, for the sum of 2,500, of property in Poplar Road, Solihull.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: July 19th 1937


Property Poplar Road, Solihull.


Your Sub-Committee have considered plans and elevation prepared by Mr J B Surman (Architect) for the adaption of the property acquired at Poplar Road, Solihull, to meet the requirements of the Bank and provide suitable dwelling accommodation, the total estimated cost being between 2,150 and 2,250. Your Sub-Committee have instructed the General Manager to invite tenders for the carrying out of the work.


Bank Committee: November 12th 1937


The Committee were informed that the Chairman and Councillors Cooper and Martineau with the Committee Clerk had received and opened the following tenders for the erection of the new Bank premises in Poplar Road, Solihull, and the tender of Messrs George Webb & Son Ltd was recommended for acceptance:


Tenders for the erection of new Bank premises, Poplar Road, Solihull.

Architect: J B Surman                    Estimate: 2,150 to 2,250

Name of Contractor


Amount of Tender


Bragg Bros Ltd



J C Freeman and Son Ltd



A Pearce and Son



W G Robinson Ltd



W Sanders



Smith Bros (Construction) Ltd



Streathers Ltd



S F Swift and Sons Ltd



Geo Webb and Son Ltd



J Emlyn Williams




6069   RESOLVED:- That the tender of Messrs George Webb & Son Ltd at the sum of 2,494 for the erection of Bank premises in Poplar Road, Solihull, be accepted, the work to be completed within a period of five months; and that the Town Clerk be instructed to prepare any necessary contract, affixing the Corporate Seal thereto.


Report of the Town Clerk: January 14th 1938


Minute No 6069


Contract for the erection and completion of new Municipal Bank

and alterations to premises at Poplar Road, Solihull.


In pursuance of this Minute I beg to report that I have prepared, completed and affixed the Corporate Seal to a Contract with Geo: Webb & Son Ltd for the above-mentioned work.


I accordingly ask that the Minute be discharged.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: February 21st 1938


Premises in High Street, Solihull.


Your Sub-Committee report that application has been received from Mr Baylis, Warwick Road, Solihull, to take over the present Bank premises in High Street, when the new building in course of erection is ready.


As the outcome of negotiations between Mr Wilde and Mr Baylis, the latter now agrees to pay 100 for the assignment of the lease which expires in September 1944.


It will be necessary to obtain the consent of Messrs Coxhill & Sons Limited and the Solihull United Charities to this arrangement, and your Sub-Committee recommend that, subject to such consent the proposed assignment be entered into with any necessary covenant indemnifying the Bank, and the Town Clerk authorised to prepare and seal any necessary documents.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: May 16th 1938


Branches at Solihull and Shirley.


Arrangements have been made for opening the new Solihull Branch Bank premises on the 20th July next. The new premises will open 6 days each week, and it is, therefore, proposed as from the same date to extend the opening of the present Shirley Branch Bank premises to 6 days per week, so as to afford uniform facilities at both Branches.


Your Sub-Committee recommend that instructions be given accordingly.


Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee: June 20th 1938


Letting of flat - Solihull.


Your Sub-Committee have approved arrangements to let the flat at the new Solihull premises when completed, to Mr G S Hoggins, Dentist, on a Lease of 7 years from 29th September at a rental of 50 per annum, the tenant to be responsible for rates, water charges, and internal repairs, with an option to renew for a further 7 years at a rental of 60 per annum.


Your Sub-Committee recommend that these arrangements be confirmed and the Town Clerk be instructed to prepare any necessary documents, affixing the corporate seal thereto if required.