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NEWSLETTER: Christmas 1977


The first meeting of the Badminton Section of the Staff Club took place on 12th October at Park Hill Junior & Infant School, Alcester Road, Moseley.


Tremendous support from the participating members, plus enthusiastic backing from the Staff Club, has enabled a badminton evening at the above school every Wednesday evening between 2000 – 2200 hrs.


We shall try in the near future to arrange friendly fixtures with nearby T.S.B.’s and if the response is sufficient a team will be entered in a competitive league.


Applications for membership can still be considered for the time being, please contact Sudhir Unarkat at Springfield Branch for more details.



NEWSLETTER: Christmas 1978


The Badminton Section has now been going for over a year and has proved to be a great success.


If anyone is interested in playing badminton to get fit, or just for an evening out with other members of Bank staff, then this is for you. Playing ability is very mixed, so learners are quite welcome and will be encouraged. On the other hand, even some experienced players will find themselves stretched by other members. If nothing else, you’re certain to have some fun and make new friends.


Play takes place every Wednesday at Park Hill Junior and Infants School, Alcester Road, Moseley, from 8.00p.m. until 10.00p.m. The school is situated opposite the Regents Court Public House, a couple of hundred yards before Moseley village on the way out of town.

Membership is not only restricted to Staff Club members, non-members are very welcome. Subscriptions for each term, payable in advance, are £3.00 for members and £4.00 for non-members.


If you feel that you won’t be able to make it every week then take advantage of the weekly subscription of 50p, payable on the actual night of play.


Why not start after Christmas and get rid of some of the Christmas pud! Watch the Newsletter for details of when the new term commences. Credit 01-148907-68 and forward the counterfoil to Roy Harper at Hall Green Branch, or come along first and see just what you’re missing.


For further details please contact Roy at Hall Green or myself at Selly Oak branch.


Sudhir Unarkat,




NEWSLETTER: Spring 1979


Firstly, I would like to apologise to all the participating members for the recent Caretaker's industrial dispute, curtailing play for a few weeks earlier this year.


Apart from the inconvenience to everyone, it has also meant an increase in the cost of hiring courts, but this increase has not had to be passed on to the members. Playing fees remain the same as before, i.e.

                                   Members                    £3.00 per quarter

                                   Non-members                      £5.00 per quarter

                                   Casual attendance   0.50 per evening


The 50p charge for casual members is retained to help those members of staff who find it impossible to attend regularly, yet still want to be able to play when and if they want to at a reasonable cost.


There is still room for regular players each week, whether you are a beginner or seasoned campaigner, so come along, get fit, meet and make friends and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Play takes place on Wednesday evenings, from 8.00-10.00p.m, at Park Hill Junior & Infants School, Alcester Road, Moseley, The school is situated opposite the Regents Court Public House, some 250 yards before Moseley centre on the way out of the city centre. Car parking is available in the school grounds and it is possible to change at the school into shorts, top, etc.

Should you wish to take part, come along for just the one evening to see how you like it, and then you can decide whether to credit the fee for the whole quarter to A/c No.  01-148097-68, forwarding the counterfoil to Roy Harper at Hall Green Branch.


Some of the regular players are reaching a reasonable standard of competitiveness now, so we are in the position of perhaps joining the Birmingham & District League and also arranging friendly matches against other clubs and adjoining T.S.B.s.


If anyone requires further details, please either contact Roy Harper at Hall Green or myself at Selly Oak branch.


Sudhir Unarkat,




NEWSLETTER: Autumn 1979


Interested in playing Badminton? Always wanted to try but never got round to it? Here's your chance!


Every Wednesday evening between eight and ten o'clock the Badminton section of the B.M.T.S.B. meets at Park Hill J & I School, Alcester Road, Moseley. The school is situated opposite the Regents Court P.H., some 250 yards before Moseley centre on the way out of town. Car parking is available in the school grounds and changing facilities are provided. (No showers, unfortunately).


The section has two courts and a varied selection of players, some good, some not so good and ones we don't mention too often (like Roger Parker).


If you're not certain whether you would like to commit yourself to a full term of play, why not just turn up on the odd evenings and just pay 50p for the privilege.


Costs for a full term are as follows:

                                               Members        £3.00

                                               Non-members £4.00


If you want some more information, contact Roy Harper at Sheldon or myself at Selly Oak Branch.


Sudhir Unarkat.