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Newsletter: Autumn 1955

Unlike the Cricket Club the Bank Bowls Team is unable to claim any Cup winning achievement this year. Nevertheless, the two matches played against the Brecon Club for the trophy presented by the Staff Association were again very much enjoyed. The fact that we scored fewer shots than the Brecon and, therefore, were unable to regain the Cup which we lost to them last year, though causing us some little disappointment, did not in any way spoil the pleasure of the two evenings.

The first match was played in July when we were the visitors, and the second in August, when we had the privilege of acting as Hosts.

The second match was made all the more enjoyable by the presence of Councillor Brander, a member of the Bank Committee, in the Bank team. We not only had the benefit of his skill as a bowler but he also brought with him a feeling of companionship and encouragement which went a long way towards helping us put up a better score than in the first match. We hope he will come again.

It was also grand to have Joe Martin, Teddy Viney, Ernest Neighbour and Jim Dempster with us again and to see them looking so well, while the presence and the support of the ladies not only lent grace and charm to the proceedings but ensured that conviviality was tempered with a proper medium of restraint.

Even if the bank Team are not always successful on the Green they seem to do consistently well on the snooker table and are more than able to hold their own in the games which usually wind up the evening, which seems to suggest that in this respect, anyhow, our experience and training has not been neglected.

As an afterthought it is interesting to note that the President of the Brecon Club was good enough to have the Cup re-plated during the close season, and we are wondering whether this implies permanent ownership. Never mind, we hope to have another try to win it back next year.

We are sorry to note that Harry Calver’s efforts to lead his “Old House at Home” Team from the 2nd to the 1st Division of the Warwick & Worcester Bowling Association are not going too well, and that he is now more concerned about keeping them from dropping to the 3rd. However, we understand he is doing very well in his County matches - though he says that the opportunity for a little quiet relaxation on Saturday mornings would much improve his chances of success in the afternoon.

No further news yet of the Guild Bowls Cup but if we can only get a few more enthusiasts on the Staff to play in the Bank Team, we should have no difficulty in arranging one or two more friendly matches.

Finally, a grateful word of thanks to the Staff Association for their interest and support and especially to Mr Jones, who goes to a lot of trouble on our behalf.
Newsletter: Summer 1956
The Bank Bowling Team had a very short fixture list last Season - two games, and both were lost. Not a very creditable achievement; nevertheless, our performance on the Green - or was it off? - was sufficient to prompt our good friends at the Brecon Club at Handsworth to renew their invitation for this year, and we are to meet them again on 20th June and 11th July.

There may be many bowlers on the Staff who have not yet experienced the delightful hospitality of the Brecon Club. Will they please come along and lend their assistance towards scoring a few winning shots against our very skilful opponents - with this support we should also be able to accept one or two more invitations from other Clubs who would be happy to meet us. In any event we must certainly try to make a closer fight of the Brecon games this year and at least get within thinking distance of recovering the Cup which they have held for the last two years.

Those who have played previously will not require any persuasion to reserve the dates for these two matches, and we shall look forward to meeting again our retired colleagues. Messrs. Martin, Neighbour and Viney. If we all get a little quiet practice in, we should do quite well. Non-playing visitors are always welcome and we can promise them a very pleasant evening.


Newsletter: Autumn 1957

This Season’s activities of the Bank Bowling Team have been very much the same as last year - two matches played and both were lost. Our good friends at the Handsworth Brecon Club were, of course, our opponents, and again we found them a little too strong for us.

Nevertheless, the Bank Team put up a very good show and most of the rinks were closely contested. As the Brecon Team included several County players it is not altogether surprising that their experience and skill were too good for our keen but less expert efforts.

A feature of these matches which is always so delightful is that the Brecon members appear to be so pleased to meet us that their hospitality and welcome is just as warm each year - in spite of the fact that they generally have to provide us with woods and what not, and indeed, sometimes have to lend us the odd player to make up our team into the bargain. They make us feel that they are pleased to meet us individually as well as a team, and we are all very grateful to them. Perhaps one of these years we shall be able to put up a strong enough team to beat them and so regain the Cup which they have now held for the last four years - the support of one or two more players from the Staff would be a great help.

Our three members who are retired - Teddy Viney, Joe Martin and Ernest Neighbour - look as fit and as young as ever and it is a real pleasure to have their support on these occasions. Unfortunately Teddy Viney was prevented from playing in the second game owing to a touch of sciatica - we missed him very much - and we are glad to hear that he is now better. All three afford visible proof for the claim that there is no better game than bowls for keeping fit. 



Newsletter: Spring 1958

Another kind invitation from the Brecon Club to meet them on Wednesday, 11th June, and Wednesday, 30th July, has already been accepted and players are asked to make a particular note of these two dates.

It is hoped that, this year, we shall be able to find 4 good rinks so that we shall not only be sure of an enjoyable time but also stand a chance of winning.



Newsletter: Summer 1958


Wednesday, June 11th - Brecon Club

Wednesday, July 30th - Brecon Club


Newsletter: Autumn 1958

There is not very much to be said about our bowling activities this season except to record that again we had two enjoyable games against our old friends at the Brecon Club.

We lost the first match by a rather wide margin but succeeded on WINNING THE SECOND after a much closer struggle. Although the spirit of good fellowship in which these games are played is more important than the result, it was, nevertheless, quite a pleasant change to find ourselves on the winning side, particularly as we had for our captain for the occasion Ernest Neighbour.

On the aggregate result, however, the Brecon Club retained the Cup, but they assure us they are looking after it very well and, in fact, have had it replaced twice which seems to suggest that they have had it in their custody long enough. It seems difficult, for one reason and another, always to field our strongest team, but we were very glad to welcome one or two new-comers to our side who showed great form; this gives us every encouragement for next season.

Joe Martin, Teddy Viney and Ernest Neighbour are in excellent health and say with great emphasis how much they look to these all too infrequent opportunities to meet their old colleagues.



Newsletter: Spring 1959

Results and Fixtures

May 27th v Brecon (Lost)

July 29th v Brecon


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An article in the Staff Association's first Newsletter in 1955 (right) provides information regarding the bowls matches organised or played by the staff.
No formal bowls club seems to have been organised, instead a series of matches were played - either against the Brecon Club in Handsworth, or as competitions amongst staff using the facilities of the Brecon Club.
Consequently, there were just a few articles in the staff magazines reporting bowling activities - in the period 1955 to 1959, as detailed below.
Circulars issued to branches provide additional details of arrangements for matches.
Articles in the staff magazine bearing the initials "ANL" were written by Norman Ling