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The hardest part of the year behind us, we look forward to another summer of interesting rambles and socials.

Even the rigours of winter with the muddy footpaths and doubts about “Will it rain?” could not dampen the enthusiasm of the members. The weather man has been most helpful, providing us with five fine days out of six, as for the other ramble in February it was quite a job convincing the people of Bridgnorth that we were not the Fairy Snow Men!!

The Wembley Ice Show was unfortunately fully booked for the season and the Club was unable to arrange an outing. As a result of this a lot of last minute re-arranging had to be made and I must apologise for the rather late notice given on some of our more recent rambles. To make up for our lost London trip, arrangements are in hand for a visit to the New Theatre for the musical ‘Oliver’; details will be given as soon as available.

The Committee has not, at the time of writing, met to organise the Summer Programme. However, items that will appear are the very popular Moonlight, swimming-ramble and – an entirely new venture – a week-end ramble over Easter.

The Easter week-end will be based at Conway, the gateway to Snowdonia. Rambles will be arranged each day over the Snowdon Range with a trip to the top of the mountain on one of the days. However, if the weather is hot enough to invite you into the sea, members may spend the day as they wish and not join the ramble.

We are always on the lookout for new areas for rambles, new ideas or any sort of attraction which can be fitted in with a ramble eg Stratford Mop, Bewdley Regatta etc, so if you have any ideas, let’s have them.

The Club will be pleased to see any new members of the Staff who think they would enjoy themselves in the open air. Don’t be put off by the word ‘Ramble’. Distance is kept down so that it is enjoyable, most of us turn out in normal clothing, not the typical windcheater, corduroy trousers and heavy boots, just reasonably sturdy shoes and warm comfortable clothing is all you need. Come along next time and you’ll enjoy it. Any further information you require can be obtained from any of the Committee.

G Butler


The Committee of the Rambling Club, as elected at the Annual General Meeting is as follows:

Chairman – Mr A Radburn (Handsworth)

Secretary – Mr G Butler (Hall Green)

Treasurer – Mr P Baulcombe (Yardley)

Committee Members

Mr M Davenport (Cotteridge)

Mrs J Baulcombe (Head Office)

Miss P Ellis (Head Office Relief)



Work???  Just Forget It!!!


Tossing aside the Annual Balance, Bank Examinations and everyday routine, ten members of Bank Rambling Club set out to spend Easter week-end in North Wales.


On the morning of Good Friday we boarded our Dormobile, which was driven by our secretary, Geoff Butler, and navigated by his wife Pat. The journey was broken at Shrewsbury for coffee, and just outside Llangollen for picnic lunch. During the middle of the afternoon we arrived at Conway, where we were accommodated at a Guest House for bed, breakfast and evening meal. A short walk was arranged before dinner in order to stretch our legs and stimulate our appetites. The evening was spent sight-seeing around Llandudno and Colwyn Bay.


The most strenuous part of the week-end was undoubtedly on Saturday when an attempt was made by the BMB Rambling Club to climb the Great Mount Snowdon from the Llanberris side. During our attempt we encountered four seasons in one day, sunshine, rain, snow and heavy mist. After two hours of plodding up and up we reached Half-Way House where our great need of refreshment was fulfilled. After being attacked by heavy rain from above, and mud and puddles underfoot, we decided to continue the ascent on the mountain train. After waiting only a few minutes, along came the very welcome train, but alas! It did not stop. Why? Firstly it was already occupied and secondly, we were not waiting at an authorised station. What a pathetic party we  must have looked as the as the train went past. By this time we were certainly wet, tired and full of self-pity. There was nothing left to do but continue our brave endeavour. We plodded on and on along the railway track trying to convince ourselves that the easy way was not for us. It was during this part of the climb that we encountered the heavy mist, ice and snow, which was just what we required to cool us down. Eventually we clamboured up to Clogwen which was the last station before the summit, and was also the furthest point to which the trains were ascending because of the mists and heavy snow. Our achievements (?) 2,296' above sea level. Well done Ramblers! Luckily we all scrambled on a train waiting to descend. With great sighs of relief we made ourselves as comfortable as is possible in wet clothes and sat back to enjoy the journey home.


This expedition did not overtire we hardy, fit and energetic members of the rambling club. It was mere training for the dancing which took place on Colwyn Bay Pier on the Saturday Evening.


The weather-man must have felt very sorry indeed for the weather he dealt out on Saturday because Sunday was a glorious day. After breakfast we set out in the Dormobile to spend a day of leisure on the Isle of Anglesey. Most of the day was spent at Beaumaris, whose unfinished Castle was indeed an interesting and exciting place to explore. Although the weather was warm and sunny those of us who ventured into the sea found it very cold. We were very glad to get our feet out of the water and on to dry land.


Sunday evening was spent having a last look around Conway. Entertainment was provided at the Guest House in the form of a fancy-dress (Well I think that is what you would call it.) party.


We started our homeward journey soon after breakfast on Monday morning in order that we could stop at places of interest. At Bettws-y-coed we stopped to see the peacocks and famous Swallow Falls. Lunch was taken at Bala, and the afternoon was spent at Bala Lake where we sunbathed and watched the yachting that was taking place. We continued our journey in the late afternoon, the rendering of our voices in song was certainly at its best and loudest. As Wales is traditionally a 'Land of Song' I wonder if our anthems were appreciated? Those who heard us certainly know now that, "Lloyd George knew our fathers" and were probably very glad that we were "keeping right on to the end of the road". Still, we enjoyed it.


We stopped for tea in a lay-by, where some-one (not mentioning any names - but he was in charge) found a unique way of disposing of the litter. All you require is - - - - - - - , well that would be giving away club secrets wouldn't it? One way to find out would be to join our next ramble. How about that for an invitation!


We arrived home safe and sound during the late evening after spending a very happy and enjoyable week-end in jolly good company.


Sincere thanks must go to Pat and Geoff for arranging an enjoyable week-end and we hope that, in the not too distant future they will organise another one.


Doreen Follows




Despite a poor summer in general, the club has been extremely lucky with the weather. Only once have we been given a soaking - then we really made up for it. However, even then two members still managed to escape the worst by turning hitch-hikers (traitors)


Once again the most popular event was the 'moonlight'. A ramble that probably takes more out of one but certainly gives a greater sense of achievement, the all-night walk is with the club to stay.


Rambles will continue throughout the winter and all newcomers to the staff are welcome to join us. The club is a mixed group holding rambles (or leisurely walks to be more exact) once a month. Should you wish to know more, ask any member or contact me at Hall Green branch, better still, come along and see for yourself.


G. Butler




The Annual General Meeting of the Club, held on Wed. 14th Nov., was well attended rounding off another successful year. The meeting saw a complete reshuffle of officers with the new Committee as follows:-


  Chairman: P Baulcombe

  Secretary: Mrs D Johnson

  Treasurer: G Butler

Other Members of the Committee: Miss J Capener,  Mrs P E Butler and D A Johnson.


Looking back over the year it can be seen that Club activities have been extremely diversified, ranging from the straightforward walk, to theatre visits, weekend and all-night excursions, and of course the usual Rounders Battles. One outing which created interest included a tour of the historic Harvington Hall, a moated house containing several ingeniously hidden priest holes. This idea of visiting places of interest will certainly be considered in future programmes.


Talking of the future the Club hope, early in the New Year, to organise a 'members only' Dinner Dance outing. If you are interested don't forget to send your annual subscription through early. The practice of one ramble or outing per month will be continued, so if you find that on an occasional Sunday you would like to get out in the country and enjoy yourself with a group of younger members of Staff, watch for the monthly circular, then come and join us.


Wishing all members a merry Christmas and rambling New Year.


G. Butler.