Building Plans - 
Wolverhampton Road South
In May 1948, a set of plans was produced by the City Engineer & Surveyor (Herbert Manzoni) for a branch to be erected on a 242-square yard site recently purchased by the Bank.
A block plan (right) shows the location at the junction of Wolverhampton Road South and Aubrey Road, less than 1-miles equidistant from Quinton, Harborne, and Bearwood branches.
A few years earlier the Committee of Management had decided it was desirable to establish a branch in this area with the intention of attracting business not only from this part of Birmingham but also from Oldbury and Smethwick.
The plans provided for a substantial building on three levels with two flats above the branch.
Entrance to the branch was designed to be from Aubrey Road, and a door facing the Wolverhampton Road provided access to the residential flats.
The plans reproduced here show a fairly conventional layout for the branch office. Each of the flats provided for two bedrooms, both flats having identical designs.
A branch was never developed on the site, instead it was let to a retailer of caravans. The land reverted to Birmingham Corporation in 1976, from whom the Bank had originally purchased it.
Branches That Never Were