Building Plans - Aston Branch
Date Plans passed: September 1st 1922
Architect: Gerald McMichael
Builder: S Surman & Son
Index of Plans
The Block Plan shows the location of Aston branch (marked with a red line) near the junction of High Street and Victoria Road - two of the roads forming the major junction known as Six Ways
The plans submitted with the 'Notice of Intention to Erect Buildings' to the City Building Surveyor on August 25th 1922 contain no details regarding the position of the counter; Strongroom; or staff facilities. The work undertaken by S Surman and Sons consisted of extending the Bank's area rearwards from the previously employed shop to incorporate the tenant's Sitting Room. An addition to this original plan was drawn by Gerald McMichael (below) in October 1922 that showed details of a Strongroom and staff facilities at the rear of the Ground Floor
Photographs taken in 1923 show the narrow unit occupied by the branch.
The Bank purchased the adjoining premises at 24 High Street in 1924. Work on extending the branch began that year, and the extention was completed in 1925; further alterations were made in 1929.