Building Plans - Small Heath Branch
Date Plans passed: April 7th 1922
Architect: Gerald McMichael
Builder:  Frederick J Briley
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Small Heath
(above) the Block Plan attached to the 'Notice of Intention to Erect Buildings' submitted to the City Building Surveyor on March 14th 1922. Another version, showing greater detail of the existing premises, was used when the Bank obtained the City Council's permission to purchase the freehold property for 1,100
The Ground Floor plan shows how the branch has been fitted into the corner of Coventry Road with Langley Road, and the existing property on the site. An entrance to the dwelling accommodation is provided on Coventry Road as can be seen on the left edge of the photograph below. The branch occupies the Sitting and Dining Rooms of the existing premises, and a replacement Dining Room for the tenant is shown behind the branch's staff facilities. The rapid expansion of the branch resulted in the Bank buying-out the tenants after two years of their fourteen years' tenancy so the the branch could be extended down Langley Road in 1924
(above) the interior of the branch in 1922.
The large window on the right faces onto Langley Road
The Basement of the premises are for the use of the tenant.