Building Plans - Balsall Heath Branch
Date Plans passed: February 17th 1922
Architect: Gerald McMichael
Builder: Richard Fenwick Limited
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Balsall Heath
The Block Plan attached to the 'Notice of Intention to Erect Buildings' submitted to the City Council on February 13th 1922 shows the narrow (width: 14' 8") freehold premises at 526 Moseley Road purchased by the Bank in 1921. The adjacent premises (528) are also hatched - the freehold of  this unit was purchased by the Bank in 1926.
The above plans for the Ground Floor and Basement were passed by the City Council on February 17th 1922. A very small space is provided for the customers, and the staff section includes a Strongroom and stairs down to the cellar where there is a Staff Messroom with toilet facilities. A shelf appears to have been provided for depositors to complete paperwork - the shelf is located at the front of the office, adjacent to the entry vestibule. However, on February 22nd 1922, the General Purposes Sub-Committee reported to the Bank's General Committee that it has been necessary .... to direct the Architect to make certain amendments in the original scheme. Revised plans were drawn up on March 1st 1922:
The revised plan moves the Messroom to the rear of the Banking Hall - a short flight of steps leading up to the staff facilities, although the drawing does not include a toilet. The Cellar retains the base of the Strongroom, which has also been moved, and a pillar appears to have been inserted to support a beam. The plan includes a Bathroom on the First Floor, presumably this is for the tenant of the attached dwelling facilities and has been moved from the Ground Floor in order to create the space for the Staff Messroom. It is not clear how the staff would have entered the premises as the counter seems to block access from the front door; but there appears to be an external door at the rear of the Messroom
These 1922 photographs show the narrow frontage of the branch and  the small interior. At the rear of the branch, the door to the Messroom is at the top of a flight of steps and the Strongroom door is at a lower level.
The elevation drawing shows the construction of the new frontage.
The Block Plan that showed the branch's location was presented by the Bank's Committee  to the City Council on  December 6th 1921.
The branch was extended into the adjoining premises at 528 Moseley Road in 1927