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The Way of Saint James - continued
After our pleasant walk, we explore the quiet streets of Vilalba, at first looking for a cake shop, but eventually sitting outside the As Cepas bar where we sit for a considerable time, having two rounds of drinks and consuming several free tapas that the proprietress keeps offering us.
We have a good evening meal at the Parador where the main course is a piece of white fish on a spinach and nut mixture.
Bob announces the transport arrangements for tomorrow - a series of taxis will take us to Santiago de Compostella, departing at 8:15am.
Wednesday, June 21st
It is another hot and sunny day as we depart for Santiago de Compostella. The four of us share a Citroen that provides a comfortable journey - we arrive at 9:30am, the taxi dropping us off in front of the impressive Parador, in the iconic square that it shares with the Cathedral that preserves the relics of Saint James. We see no pilgrims on this last leg of the route. We admire the Parador's facade (below) prior to a guided tour commencing at 10:30am.
Our guide (Maria) begins her tour by conducting us around the Parador. Known as the Hostal dos Reis Católicos, our hotel is considered  the oldest in the world, and its where we see four beautiful cloisters and some elegant public rooms.
The Parador is located on Obradoiro Square, a position that it shares with the Cathedral and the Paxo de Roxei, the building that houses the City Council. After touring the Parador, we follow Maria for a tour of the city, commencing with the buildings in Obradoiro Square.
Paxo de Roxei in Obradoiro Square.
The towers of Santiago's Cathedral
Calvary of St Francisco Church
Door furniture in the city's old quarter
Monastery and Church of San Martino Pinario