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The Way of Saint James - continued
After the Corpus Christi procession has left the square, we consult the guidebook and begin exploring more of Leon.
We begin by walking through the large and open Plaza Mayor (below centre).
Our route takes us to Calle Ancha (below left) where we stop for drinks (and free tapas),
and then to the Basilica de San Isidoro (below right) which contains the Royal Pantheon.
The Basilica de San Isidoro dates from the early 10th-Century and has some intricate stonework around its doorway. High on the facade (left) there is an equestrian statue of Saint Isidore dressed as Santiago Matamoros. Although we have seen a number of storks on the trip so far, they have been at a distant. There are a number of storks in front of the Basilica on top of a short column. We then have cokes (and more free tapas) at the Belen Alas bar before the Cathedral is open to visitors at 2pm.
With the aid of an audio guide, we explore the Cathedral's interior.
Its stained-glass windows are masterpieces of multicoloured glass.