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The Way of Saint James - continued
The 84-metre high spires of the Catedral de Santa Maria de Burgos (popularly known as Burgos Cathedral) tower over the city's main square, the Plaza Mayor. It is one of the most beautiful Gothic Cathedrals in Spain.
Closer views reveal the amazing stonework incorporated into this extraordinary example of Gothic architecture.
One of a number of ornate doors, the Sacramental door has an almost triangular tympanum in which Jesus as Pantocrator is showing the Book of Law, surrounded by the Four Evangelists, who are bent over their desks writing the Gospels. Seated below Jesus are the twelve Apostles.
Viewed either from the inside, or the outside of the colossal building, the great stained-glass rose window is a stunning sight.
The Cathedral has three naves, nineteen chapels, and a Gothic cloister dating from the 14th-Century. The unbelievably intricate dome dates from the 16th-Century, as does the main altarpiece, and the golden staircase (Escalera Dorada).
Our guide points out all the interesting aspects of the Cathedral, including two unusual items:
- a clock, known as the Papamoscas, that has a strange doll figure that opens its mouth on the hour;
- a statue of a figure holding a candle, but if viewed from a particular angle he seems to be holding a tankard of beer.
The Cathedral has three objects relating to Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, better known as El Cid. These are his tomb, his travel chest, and a painting showing him with his horse.