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Machu Picchu & The Galapagos Islands - continued
Our final day before flying to The Galapagos Islands is spent exploring the area to the north of Quito. That exploration first takes us to Quitsato Sundial, near the town of Cayambe. Here, there is an extensive paved area crossed by a line representing the position of the Equator, and on this line is a tall, thin tower - a sundial that throws a shadow along the Equator twice a year at the Equinoxes. This site is probably the most accurate place in the world to mark the position of the Equator, as indicated by a plaque marked INSTITUTO GEOGAFICO ECUADOR MILITAR. Another photo opportunity - standing with one foot in each hemisphere.
Cayambe is also famous for its bizcochos, and we get to sample these flaky, buttery biscuits with pieces of mozzarella cheese, at a local cafe
Our next stop is at Otalvo, a town at an altitude of 8,300-feet that is surrounded by volcanoes, and famous for its large and colourful market
Also in Otavalo, we visit a weavers to see demonstrations of how different coloured dyes are produced, and the operation of a manual loom
Lunch is taken at the My Sachaji (which means 'My Beloved Mountain') Wellness Ecolodge, which is located at San Pablo del Lago. After exploring the grounds and organic garden we eat in a restaurant with panoramic views
The next day we fly from Quito to The Galapagos Islands via Guayaquil. Here we board M/V Galapagos Legend for a 3-night cruise