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Machu Picchu & The Galapagos Islands - continued
Our day in Cusco begins with a visit to Saqsaywaman - a citadel on the northern outskirts of the city. Here, at an altitude of 12,000-feet, the Incas expanded a fortified site that had probably been occupied since about 900 AD. From the 13th-Century the complex was added to by the construction of dry-stone walls with huge stones. From the site there are extensive views over Cusco
The seven SAGA tourists on the 14-day trip to Machu Picchu and
The Galapagos Islands: Ed & Christine; Sheri; J&D; Pam & Gill
The main square in Cusco - the Plaza des Armas. The large square features many fine buildings, some with ornate balconies. There are several steep, narrow surrounding streets paved with cobbles. Two huge and ornate religious buildings dominate the square: the Cathedral and La Romania church. We also visit the Convent of Santo Domingo, built on the original foundations of Korikancha, possibly the most sacred and important building in the entire Inca Empire - on the way we pass the remains of an Inca wall
Lunch is taken at La Quinta Restaurant before we continue to explore Cusco