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Awards made at Head Office

to Staff Subjected to Armed Raids at Branches

On Monday, February 20th 1961, presentations were made to five members of staff who were present at branches subject to criminal raids. Left to right are: Norman Barnsley and Bernard Edmond (staff at Duddeston branch, raided in July 1960); John Edwards; Mr H J Sutherland (General Manager); Margaret Lamin; the Bank's Chairman (Councillor Seymour Brown); Roger Bunten.


John Edwards, Margaret Lamin, and Roger Bunten were at Billesley branch which was subject to an armed raid in November 1960. John Edwards was subsequently awarded the George Medal for his courageous actions during the raid.
The gifts received were:
Norman Barsley: a watch and a radio set;
Bernard Edmond: a watch and a canteen of cutlery;
John Edwards: a watch and a typewriter;
Margaret Lamin: a cine camera;
Roger Bunten: a set of golf clubs